For the production of our vacuum components and flanges, we solely use premium materials, such as SS 304, 304L, 316L or aluminum. We guarantee high cleanliness of our products, as we produce, test and package in class 10 cleanrooms. On customer request, we also offer assembly of individual vacuum chambers, which precisely match your requirements and integrate seamlessly into your facility. In order to ensure optimal conditions in the finished chambers, we electropolish all surfaces in the recipients.

KF – Klein Flanges

KF connections are typically used for coarse and fine vacuum applications. Standard nominal pipe sizes are DN 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, and 50. In this system, vacuum tightness is achieved by placing an elastomeric O-ring sitting on a metallic centering ring between two flanges. The connection is fastened by finger-tight closure of a circumferential clamp. This makes KF flanges ideal in situations where a frequent assembly and disassembly of the parts is necessary.

Ensemble of KF flanges, O-rings, and clamp

ISO-K Flanges

For larger nominal pipe sizes (up to DN 500) in the course and fine vacuum range, ISO-K flanges are the ideal choice. As for KF flanges, also here a tight vacuum seal is ensured by usage of an elastomeric O-ring. The flanges are joined by double claw clamps. The ISO-K standard is compatible with flanges of the ISO-F standard.

Several Iso-K flange elements

CF Flanges

The CF system comes into use in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications. CF connections are bolted together and a metal gasket (oxide free copper ring) is placed in between. The faces of the flanges have cutting rings, which carve on fastening into the metal gasket and thereby form an ultra-tight seal. Besides the superior tightness, the possibility to perform a bake-out at high temperatures is a major advantage of the system.

Different CF flanges

Following flange sizes are available:

Nominal pipe size, Flange diameter, Pipe diameter, Flange thickness, Screws, Bolt Circle Diameter

DN 16, 34.00, 18x1.0, 7.75, 6xM4, 27.00

DN 40, 69.90, 40x1.5, 12.70, 6xM6, 58.70

DN 63, 113.50, 70x2.0, 17.50, 8xM8, 92.10

DN 100, 152.00, 108x2.0, 19.80, 16xM8, 130.30

DN 160, 202.40, 159x2.0, 22.20, 20xM8, 181.00

DN 200, 253.20, 205x2.5, 24.50, 24xM8, 231.80