Crucible Liners

Crucible liners enable the possibility to change the evaporation material within an electron beam evaporation system easily and fast, without the need of prior lengthy and costly cleaning steps. Additionally crucible liners protect the evaporator from damages by heat or unwanted electron bombardment.
Our crucible liners are manufactured highly accurate and are available in many shapes and materials. We offer a large range of standard sizes and we will gladly provide special sizes according to our costumers requirements.

Crucible Liners

Standard crucible liner shapes:

crucibles standard shapes

Evaporation Boats

We offer evaporation boats in all established materials and in a variety of shapes. Of course it is also possible to manufacture custom-made products according to your requirements. Please use our quotation request form, which you find on the right. There you can either choose from standard evaporation boat shapes or add a description and image for custom shapes.

Evaporation Boats

Standard evaporation boat shapes:

Evaporation boats standard shapes

Crystal Oscillators

Our crystal oscillators are the ideal tools for precise control of thin film layer thickness during Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) processes. A rigid screening procedure ensures highest reliability and maximum lifetime.

The oscillators match perfectly into the layer control systems of all well-known producers, such as Maxtec, Inficon, or Sigma.

Our crystal oscillators are delivered with the following specifications:

Coating: Au
Frequency: 6MHz
Crystal cutting: AT-cut plano convex
Diameter: 13.97 mm
Units per package:  10 
Crystal Oscillators
Oscillators Front and Back