Welcome to G-Materials!

Your vendor for high quality supplies needed in semiconductor industries, universities and other research institutes.

Our company is located in Deggendorf, Bavaria. From here we provide our international customers with high purity metals, cathodes for electron microscopes, vacuum components and many other materials. You will receive exactly the product you need, carefully customized to your requirements. This includes also the construction of fully functional vacuum chambers, designed to integrate seamlessly into your facility.

Since our foundation in 2001, we stand for progress and reliability with high demands on ourselves:

  • We are always available for our customers, competently, reliably and efficiently.
  • We fulfill our customers wishes and tailor solutions for individual problems.
  • We never rest. Our achievements are the basis for our future objectives.
  • We provide high quality products at best prices.

Our products:

  • High purity metals and consumables for thin-film deposition
  • Photomask blanks
  • Semiconductor wafers
  • Cathodes for electron microscopes
  • Vacuum chambers and vacuum components
  • Shippers for wafers and photomasks